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Everything we do is intertwined, bringing together vital pieces of the puzzle to create something amazing.

Disjointed design and marketing is a thing of the past. We take an integrated, multi-channel approach ensuring your messages are reaching your audiences in all the ways they see and engage with you. At Zero Above we help you solve your marketing puzzle.

Meet the team.

We love our team; a great mixture of specialists with vast experience and the passion to create fresh answers to client questions.

  • simon isaac

    Simon Isaac
    Owner & Managing Director

    Born | Electric | 2015

  • michelle stott

    Michelle Stott
    Agency Manager

    Make | It | Happen

  • ben milleare

    Ben Milleare
    Technical Director

    Keep | It | Simple

  • simon mark lewis

    Simon Mark-Lewis
    Head of Creative

    Design | For | Life

  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith
    Head of Digital

    Spread | The | Word

  • jack grimsey

    Jack Grimsey
    Digital Account Manager

    Don't | Swipe | Left

  • Katie Duffy

    Katie Duffy
    Financial Assistant

    Never | Too | Much

  • Joe Stone

    Joe Stone

    Website Developer

    Feel | The | Burn

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