4 Mobile Friendly Branding Tips


Wherever you are advertising online, be it Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin or just your website, it is essential to consider what your brand looks like to users on the move. From easy to recognise logos to colour combos that set you apart from the rest – here is some great branding advice that will make you stand out on the small screen!


It's all about keeping your avatar simple!

Trying to squeeze your entire company name, strap-line and logo into an avatar will look messy and won't actually reflect your brand at all. Consider the space you have and how you can use elements of your brand to fit in that space. We have turned to twitter profiles to see who is doing it best.  

Idea 1


Take the first letter (or a letter) of your company name and combine it with a colour or colours that represents your brand.

A good example of this is from Google. The recognisable font (Catull BQ Regular) is enough to make the second "g" stand out for most, but when combined with the Google's colour palette - there is no doubt which brand the avatar represents. This requires a strong font synonymous with your brand,and distinct colours that set you apart from competitors.

google     c7aaa412592358650babefd284b85838

Idea 2
Use the logo on its own.

Lots of brands incorporate an icon into their brand to be used independently of the company name. For this to work, you'll need a simple logo that is easily recognisable. We chose Social Media Examiner because the logo itself also has a smaller icon element that can be used where space is minimal (for example as a favicon), yet still remains recognisable.    

Idea 3


Choose a recognisable element of your existing branding to use.

Isolating one part of your brand name, the most distinctive, from the rest of the design and using that as an avatar is an easy way to stand out to followers as it contains the already recognisable colours, font and icon that represent your brand. We think that we did a pretty good job with this method here at Zero Above.

Idea 4
Get ahead of the game and create a logo that is already made for the small screen.


Rather than condensing something bigger, or trying to pull separate elements together to fit into a small square, make something small yet significant from the offset. Strong colours, distinctive shapes and just a few letters make Vitamin T a winner as far as we are concerned for this method. Create a brand identity that already fits the bill perfectly for mobile devices.    

We like to think we are pretty good at web design -  if you want some more inspiration and advice about how to get your brand recognised in an instant on mobile, get in touch with us today!