5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017


What you need to know for 2017
As 2017 kicks off with a creative bang, Zero Above continue their annual task of predicting trends in the ever changing landscape of digital marketing.

Trends, trends, trends...
Our new infographic identities the 5 Digital Marketing Trends which will drive the online experience this year. Along with these we’ll see an increasing shift towards minimalist design, which aims to address problems for the users through clear visual communication focusing more on content rather the UI (user-Interface). 

Another huge buzz coming out of 2016, and gaining momentum in 2017 is for more ‘Microinteractions’, simply put, these are subtle animations behind actions taken by the user which enhance the digital experiences. 

Trends come and go, but the ones that remain will become invisible and fundamental in the digital experience, as users expect more automation. We think 2017 will no doubt be as much about technology, as well as user-interface.