A Fool's Opportunity


As time goes on and we venture further into 2014, there's a sudden realisation that April is approaching, and within it a day that's beautifully perfect for some brand engagement.

Great opportunity to engage

I am, of course, talking about April Fools, those blissful 24 hours (arguably some feel there's a 12:00 cut-off) where brands can have some real fun. It's this time of year I look forward to seeing what Google, Marmite and Cadburys pull out of their respective hats.

It's not just a great opportunity to stimulate engagement, it's a way to go temporarily off-piste with your brand into a more daring role. There are limitations of course, and it's important to remember that this day doesn't make your reputation immune to criticism. It's for this reason that if you choose to do something on this day (and let's face it, you should) you need to do it well.

When it goes right

There's some great examples of April Fools engagement around, a simple search will turn-up some treasures, but how do you learn from what the big boys have done and make it effective for you?

Simple put, you need to concentrate on engagement and having fun. If you focus too much on engagement and conversion, or too much on having fun you're at risk of losing your audience.

  • Make tactical, creative decisions that make people want to be part of the discussion, and furthermore part of your brand
  • Engage with everyone, including other brands. Consider partnerships and joint strikes
  • Push the boundaries but balance risk
  • Consider an agency

Why use a creative agency?

That external, sterile party can really bring something to the mix. Not only do they bring fresh ideas and concepts, but they're able to give you a reflection on current brand perception and can help you strike that crucial balance.

Yes, we can help

Need help making your April Fools' day incredible? We can help with that, just get in touch below and let's make things happen.