A new website takes to orbit


We have just launched a new website for Monthind Clean, East Anglia's leading Contract and Specialist Cleaning company.

Monthind wanted to enhance their profile to a new audience, so we took a new conceptual approach for the business, with a radically different design and campaign led strategy, integrating the website with all Monthind's marketing activities.

The website follows a number of themes primarily led by the companies services and bold "hero" statements. The user experience and ease of navigation was at the heart of the design with core navigation not only in the header but tabbed service menu on the side. One of Monthind's main objectives of the new website was to drive more enquiries, leading to a strong call to action presence while to restricting future browsing.

Although initially challenging given the sector they operate in, we believe we have created an engaging, and interesting website with Monthind's core values at its heart. Why not take a look for yourself by visiting Monthind Clean