Best Romantic Themed Websites


With St Valentines Day just around the corner we thought we'd share what we love about the web design of our top three romantic brands, and what we would improve if we could make just one change. Over to our design hero Simon Mark Lewis



Victoria's Secret Historically, Victoria's Secret has been the hallmark - and benchmark - for other seductive and classy lingerie brands. The Victoria's Secret website stays true to that ethos. It is sensual, classy and most definitely far from trashy, showcasing its products with high quality photography and seductive models. From an aesthetic perspective there is a perfect balance of imagery and typography set against a complementing colour palette. Black with a subtle use of pastel pink is truly decadent and resonates quality throughout the website. A full digital and cross device experience is offered with mobile, tablet and desktop browsing catered for. These are key factors for usability, and definitely score some Zero Above brownie points. Bravo Victoria, BRAVO!

Improvement -  I'd like to have seen more video content to replace some of the "hero" images on each "landing page" - this would engage the audience in a new media whilst retaining the impact and WOW factor.



Tiffany & Co. Nothing says romance quite like a trinket from Tiffany & Co. On one hand, it is one of the few names in the world that can reduce a man to tears for fear of reaching into a well-worn wallet to fund a treat for his partner. On the other hand, it is money well spent, as it really is a gift of a lifetime. I should know - I had the pleasure of shopping there 7 years ago, and I'm still dining out on that one. Kudos to the brand! But what about the web design? It has a lot of reputation to live up to. In one word - 'WOW' - this why they are a brand leader offline and online. They evidently have a strong alignment with product and audience. They use strong conceptual and creative photography supported by stunning product design. They use a complementing pastel colour palette to the "mother" brand with innovative and creative use of animations throughout the website. I love seeing websites integrating custom type kits and web fonts to enhance the user's brand association, a simple task but so effective. Usability has been considered, evident in the presence of a cross browser website for mobile, tablet and desktop. The mobile experience is still powerful and resonates the true value of Tiffany & Co.'s brand, BUT my experience of this site on a mobile is that it is somewhat 'dry'.

Improvement: - It would have to be the mobile offering. I understand the need to streamline the experience for data and 'life-on-the-move' but lets not lose sight of the true magic of what a brand can offer.  I think show business says it best with "Lights, Camera, Action" -simply Showbiz darlings.