Design Dos and Don'ts When Marketing to the Mobile Shopper


Is tried and trusted usability testing crippling your creative flair? Don't be afraid to buck the "Screen Scrape" trend and make your mobile website stand out from the crowd!

It seems the current trend in website design has swiftly moved to responsive websites, with a mobile website being the "must have" accessory for businesses at the moment. This is great news, as you will probably know, 50% of online content is accessed through mobile devices in the UK now. Despite this fact, it seems that the apps and mobile sites available to consumers shopping on a mobile device are stuck in something of a rut. There is a phenomenon we are starting to notice, known as "screen scrape". This is a term to describe the similarities in mobile websites, where there is little or no differentiation in the design. Of course, you could argue that user experience in online retail needs to follow proven design principles, but does this have to be to the detriment of creative design?

Take the following four sites - each a popular mobile site that meets the best practice requirements:
  • Easy to find content
  • Vertical scrolling
  • Purchase only 3 clicks away

Each ticks the necessary boxes as far as usability goes, but in all honesty, there is little in the way of distinguished design to actually set them apart.


Ask anyone to tell you their favourite mobile website. I bet it's none of four featured here, but probably a site such as Amazon. Amazon fits the online experience to purchase history, tailoring the users experience with relevant offers and is set to become even more targeted with location and time sensitive marketing.


We think this more tailored approach to design and marketing is the future of mobile marketing. It is still in its infancy, but if you are keen to show your audience a more exciting message than your competitors, you will need to keep a close eye on subtle design changes next time you are shopping on your smartphone to find inspiration that is truly outside the box. Prepare to be amazed and not afraid to do something different! If you have a seen a mobile site that you think bucks the trend, or maybe you have created one yourself - share your images with us in the comments below and tell us what you think sets it apart from others!  


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