Designing a Compliant Mobile Site


In a recent post we showcased a range of mobile apps that we thought made the grade in usability - the common factors were: fast load times, easy navigation, intuitive interface and pleasing aesthetics, but what else do you need to know to make your mobile presence stand out from the rest? Find out right here!

Responsive Design

Thoughtful design can turn a clumsy mobile experience into a pleasurable way to pass the time, learn new things, have a laugh and maybe buy a treat or two - but what makes a responsive design a success in the mobile market?

Perceived Performance versus Actual Performance

There have been some studies recently that proved that the way users perceive the performance of a mobile site is actually more critical than the actual performance of a site. As such, it is essential that you understand usability on the go when making a website work for mobile.


Responsive Buttons - give the feeling of a faster response by making sure your buttons change state as soon as they are touched, it gives a visual indicator that something is happening. Responsive interface - allow gestures such as swiping, pull to refresh and long press as well as implementing momentum scrolling. When designing a site that is compliant for a mobile market you need to consider screen sizes, and small keyboards; fat fingers and navigation systems; screen resolutions and contrast of content.

Do Not Use:

  • Pop ups
  • Tables
  • Frames
  • Graphics for spacing
  • High res images

Always Use:

  • Simple navigation
  • Image resizing
  • Text alternative to non-text elements
  • Good contrast between background and content
  • Small style sheets

By keeping the site small, optimising the navigation and checking that the graphics and colours are going to work on a wide range of devices, you can make sure that your website works wonders on any mobile device! To find out if your website is Mobile Fit, get in touch with us today, we are offering FREE mobile health checks!   PLEASE SHARE IF YOU THINK OTHERS WOULD BENEFIT For more updates please contact us or follow our team of website design and development experts on twitter @zeroabove and like us on facebook here