Does Your Web Design Stand Up To Mobile? Get A Free Health Check!


At the Southend Business Connected event in October we discovered that over 80% of businesses who attended did not have a mobile friendly website! This figure is in fact in line with current Google statistics but can you afford to be that statistic? We think not!

healthcheck The team here at Zero Above have been out road testing our very own Mobile Fit app to help businesses and organisations see how their websites perform on mobile devices FOR FREE. Over the last month, a diverse group of businesses have completed the health check (from charities, to small businesses to large regional companies that are not mobile compliant at the moment) and during this time we have received some great feedback and even acquired some new clients along the way, which is hugely encouraging. BUT - There have been a lot of surprised faces and smartphones drawn from pockets when we have shared vital stats on mobile accessibility.

Did you know?
  • Over half of online content is accessed through mobile devices
  • A smartphone screen is the first place 18-34 year olds get their information from - leaving desktops and television behind in the wake
  • Awareness of the implications non-compliancy brings to online business remains low - the most worrying statistic of all
So, what is the solution?

The cost of developing Apps is simply too high for a lot of regional businesses, which is why we offer development of mobile enabled websites. We see this as a key opportunity for smaller organisations and not-for-profits, and with the ability to create a button for smartphone home screens too, we have found this to be a real, tangible cost effective solution for a lot of people. In a recent Mobile Fit Health Check review with one of our clients (who does not have a mobile enabled website) we found the bounce rate from smartphones was twice that of desktops in Google Analytics. It is this kind of information that helps businesses understand the need for mobile compliancy, and gives us the opportunity to make the internet a better place for users and online businesses with mobile friendly design.  

FREE is something you cannot afford to miss!
We are continuing to promote the Free Health Check - if you want to find out if your website is mobile fit, get in touch with us today!