Eco Gadget Gift Guide For Christmas


Black Monday may have passed, but that doesn't mean that you can't find a great bargain online for friends and family this Christmas!

We have selected our favourite eco gadgets available right now - featuring a mix of solar powered technology and an unusual eco gadget for the outdoors type in your life, we are sure you'll find something here that will bring a smile to someone's face this year!  

T3 Solar Transforming Robot


This super toy is suitable for anyone over 10 years old, but especially amazing for kids with a curious mind for eco technology. It is the perfect introduction for understanding the principles of solar power, how solar power can be used and of course promotes environmental awareness at the same time as offering huge amounts of fun!   The bonus with this bit of solar powered it is that once you have built your robot, you can take it apart and turn it into a tank or robotic solar powered scorpion!   If you are worried about an overcast Christmas - there is no need as this solar panel can also be charged with a 50w+ halogen bulb!   From £12.99    

Soulra XL - Solar-Powered 8 Speaker Sound System for iPod and iPhone


For a portable soundsystem powered by the sun, you can't get much more exciting than this! Simply plug in your iPod or iPhone and party! Fully charged and in full sunlight, you can expect an impressive 5 hours worth of music entertainment from the Soulra XL - it's 72 square inch enhanced monocrystal solar panel and rechargeable battery pack proves to be an impressive combination.   That isn't the only way this gadget packs a punch - The sound from the Soulra XL is crisp and clear thanks to its 8 speaker drivers (2x tweeter, 2x woofer, 4x passive) and a 22 watt output with bass boost, and it is just as big on comfort as it is on sounds. With a removable gel-cushioned carrying strap and integrated carrying handle you'll find that this is one eco gadget that is perfectly portable and ready for a party! £199.00    

BioLite Camp Stove with USB


Flame powered portable charging for USB devices? What witchery is this! Yes, welcome to heat-to-electricity technology, the outdoorsy way to charge your devices with the power of nature itself. The BioLite camp stove has been designed to efficiently heat your beans and your Kelly Kettle using just twigs, but with the ideology of "waste not want not", why let any energy go to waste when you want to charge your phone or mp3 player?   The BioLite camp stove uses an internal fan to create an ultra-efficient fire and includes a USB port so that you can plug in your electronic devices at the same time. This is technology that won BioLitethe 2012 Tech Awards Innovation by Design Awards and OWPGDerryck Draper Award. Also in keeping with the eco ethos, they have decided to reduce waste by not including an array of charging tips that will be superfluous to requirements. Right up our street!   If you know someone who wants to burn twigs and small sticks to charge gadgets from the heat of a campfire cooking dinner - you better get your hands on one of these! £159.00    

iPhone5 Solar Battery Case 3000mAh


Solar battery cases could be the saviour of the battery depleted mobile phone. This may not be totally eco in the fact that it requires charging by normal means, but it is certainly a step in the right direction of using solar energy to boost the power available to a mobile phone.   This product is specific to the iPhone 5, but there are plenty of solar powered cases on the market that promise to do the same job on a range of mobile devices including tablets. This one in particular promises to increasethe standby time of your iPhone5 from 225 Hours to 1100 hours, or provide enough juice for 75 hours of music time and is fully charged in 3 hours. £40.00  

Have you spotted an eco gadget that is a must have this season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!