Green Marketing for Schools


The rise of green marketing is a prominent feature of many design and marketing agencies these days, and for good reason. With the environment high on the agenda for schools and colleges and their credentials in this arena are important for many reasons. Getting your marketing communications to your student and external audience needs to give out the right signals, to retain your integrity in the green arena.

Here are our top recommendations to keep you on the right page when it comes to green marketing:-

  • Make the most of your own website; make sure any messages, events and features are loaded to your website. When it comes to hosting, use Eco-web hosting servers that carefully monitor carbon emissions which are offset making them carbon positive in the long term.
  • Instead of sending out printed marketing switch to well-designed emails. Do make sure your mailing lists are cleaned up regularly too, there’s nothing worse than sending marketing people don’t want or to people who don’t need it any more. There are some good platforms which can clean up databases and send your emails out too, such as Campaign Monitor - this also saves time and energy for you.
  • Any marketing materials you have such as prospectuses should also be available in digital formats. Interactive PDF’s and Flip-Books are perfect for emailing or presenting your prospectuses and can be quickly updated.
  • Having a paperless school isn’t possible for most and that’s understandable. Most printers now have eco-friendly options such as recycled paper, paper from managed forests and vegetable inks as a greener solution. Recycled paper uses half the energy to produce as virgin pulp paper. The cost is only fractionally more to use it, if this is a problem for you consider printing a few less items.
  • If you produce give-aways, think about things that will be reused, such as hemp bags or pencils instead of pens. Alternatively, think about creating just one item instead of maybe 4 as you’ve done previously, it’s more cost effective and greener all round.
  • Finally, set goals and keep track of your green progress; not only does it make you and your students feel better about the school, but everyone will see you in a greener light.