Why Non-Profit Organisations Need to be Social Media Savvy (Infographic)


Non-Profit organisations can focus their social media to drive awareness, share their stories, improve donor relationships and create two-way conversations with supporters.

One way your non-profit can benefit is the way of connecting to people. You may already have ways of connecting with people, through newsletters, email, and website updates etc. but social media can help you connect with more and more people much easier. You can find those who may want to donate to your organisation, so this also helps with the fundraising factor. You can connect with your staff, your volunteers, the people who use your organisation and consumers of your service.

You can also connect with other organisations, whether they are in your local area or bigger organisations that have similar goals to you. Doing so will help you stay aware of what’s going on, keep you on top of news and events and gain good contacts within an organisation.

The second way you can benefit is you will find it to be a handy communication tool. A big benefit of Social Media in general is that it allows for two-way communication quite easily. You can gain immediate feedback off your posts unlike when you send newsletters. Did you put the wrong date on an event by mistake for instance? You can immediately rectify that through Social Media. You can also answer queries quite swiftly, so if someone asks if your organisation offers this, that or the other you can respond with a yes or a no or go into further depth. These two-way conversations can save you plenty of time in the long run, and makes your organisation appear open and welcoming to those who may not know who you are.

The third benefit of using social media as a non-profit is the idea of change. The connections and relationships you make as well as the communication tools you have does a great deal in encouraging change in your organisation, in your local area, how you advertise your events, how you attract fundraisers and the service you provide.

Social Media is a fantastic tool but requires lots of careful planning and time to dedicate. Whether it’s change in attitude or change in society, taking a serious approach to Social Media will bring many benefits to charities and voluntary organisations.