Is Your Business Mobile Fit?


We are offering FREE TIPS that can make all the difference to your success in marketing through mobile.

Your dentist will tell you a regular check up is crucial for good dental health. Why don't we treat the online health of our businesses with the same care and attention? Today's marketing landscape is ever changing, with shifts in social media opportunities and Google having the biggest impacts. It's no longer simply enough to be "online", your audience is increasingly sophisticated, savvy and changing with the times as well as the new technologies available! It is essential to keep your audience interested in your organisation or they will go elsewhere. It all starts with your website, is it a really great experience for your site visitors or are you one of the "screen scrape" organisations, with a website that looks the same as your competitors? Here at Zero Above, we've developed a Mobile Fit Healthcheck, where you can find out just how ready your business is for the mobile marketplace. With over half of website content now accessed through mobile devices and more online purchases made through smartphones than ever, you need to be ready for business on any device. healthcheck Our simple healthcheck asks a few simple questions, and within a couple of minutes you'll have an honest overview of your current status and plenty of free tips and advice of how you can improve your chances of engaging with your audience wherever they are.

The Healthcheck focuses on the 5 most important aspects of online marketing for any organisation today:
  • Your website, how engaging it is for users on any device
  • Search Engine Optimisation, giving you better rankings in Google
  • Social media, the darling of all generations for marketing
  • Analytics and what people are looking at on your website
  • Online marketing including email and paid for advertising

Google is now ranking websites on their mobile capabilities, so if your website is not optimised for mobile viewing this will reduce your ranking in pages. Want to find out more about this and a chat with one of our friendly experts? Then get in touch via our website.