Kick-Ass Mobile Infographics For Marketing


Want to know how to make a big impact with an infographic? You need to! Infographics are regarded as one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience, but they don’t come cheap; they take time and skill, but they are most definitely considered well worth investing in when it comes to data visualisation.


Here's what you need to know to get it right, along with three of our favourite infographics out there right now and why we think they rule!

Think layout - Bigger font sizes, more space, and use icons where possible for (ahem) larger fingers on touch screens. Create 'finger targets'. Remember most users are using thumbs - Keep important and prominent calls to action using well-designed iconography within easy reach of mankind's distinguishing digit. Less is more - Streamline content! Remember the real estate of the screen is small so cut the contact right back and get right to the point quickly. Images - Make sure images are used wisely and always paired with good HTML content. Usability - Consider the standard UI elements of different operating systems and how clashing with these could be frustrating for the user. For example: keep buttons away from tray icons at the base of screens. Colour palette is crucial - When thinking about dialled down screen brightness and less than ideal viewing situations, you need to consider your colours carefully!  

Our Top Three Infographics

#1: Anatomy of the Perfect Mobile Email


Why we like it

Typographical balance

Why users will like it

Simplicity and data rich

What they did best/why it works

Limited use of colour enabling a great contrast between data, typography and layout. A signature of Litmus who strive to maintain a cutting edge through its cross-platform email testing.

 #2: The Importance of a Mobile Campaign


Why we like it

Iconographic and classical mix of typography. Immediately engages resonating trust and confidence.

Why users will like it

Fun, colourful and typographically cute!

What they did best/why it works

Bite-sized chunks of information, offset with stunning icons and beautiful typography, a must for any data visualisation.

#3: How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel (Click to enlarge)


Why we like it

Beautifully executed with strong iconographic elements set against an idyllic backdrop. Really addresses the subject matter and engages the reader in the first instance.

Why users will like it

Your eye travels the entire page, absorbing the information in a fun and engaging manner.

What they did best/why it works

They have taken texture from the subject and embedded these into the data to create a window of information wrapped in a holiday package. Data is absorbed visually through well illustrated charts and fun elements.


Do you have a passion for data visualisation? Share your favourite infographics with us in the comments below -  tell us why you like it, why the target audience will like and what you think the designers did best to make it work! We look forward to your suggestions!