Living The Electric Dream by Simon Isaac


When we founded Zero Above, one of the cornerstones of the brand was sustainability, a real focus on the environmental impact of the company and not just greenwash. Today, 5 years later we continue this ethos and we're very proud of it. At the start we used to talk about having Tesla's as company cars, this was one of the dreams we had when we were big and successful! We've come a long way in 5 years since we founded and the four founders are still here, working together but with a bigger team of people with us. 

As part of our growth, we decided to get our first electric vehicle from BMW Fairfield, and I was the lucky person who would have this. I opted for a BMW i3, not just because I thought it looked awesome but when I test drove it, I was amazed. It feels like nothing else I've ever driven, the instant power, the silent running and the tech inside - it feels like driving a gadget, every boys dream!

Better for our business and clients

One of the biggest benefits of owning an electric car are the difference in cost to running a diesel or petrol car. Previously, I drove a very efficient diesel golf, which on average cost 13 pence per mile to run. The Electric BMW costs 3p per mile to run - quite a contrast and actually this could even be less, as 95% of public charging points are free. On that note, the whole thing about range is a myth; I get around 180 miles of range on 1 charge and there are over 5,000 charging stations around the UK, in motorway service stations there are also DC rapid chargers which charge the car in 30 minutes - just enough time for a coffee and cake :)
This equates to a saving of approximately 75% a year, and there's no road tax, no London congestion charge and the insurance cost is low.

Better for the environment and planet

This was another factor when choosing the car. BMW built a dedicated factory for it's electric vehicles which is totally carbon neutral, with energy generated by wind. The car uses less than a tonne of carbon to produce, a huge reduction based on that of any other car. In addition, it is zero emissions when driving (with the range extender rarely used, only 35g CO2) and completely noise free (apart from the hifi). I also enjoy measuring my efficient driving versus the rest of the BMW i3 community around the World, the App used to control the car shows some interesting statistics and I'm pleased to say I am at the top 90% for efficiency at the moment! 

My efficiency rating versus the Worldwide i3 community