Maximise Your Marketing Spend In 2014 - Go Mobile!


2014 is being hailed as the year of the mobile revolution, and with the stats in for online retail over the Christmas period now available, it is clear that ignoring this trend could result in profit losses. To help you avoid the pitfalls, we tell you what you need to know to make smart business decisions to boost your mobile presence and of course boost profits.


Christmas Online Retail - What The Stats Say

A recent report by Econsultancy about online shopping trends over Christmas has revealed some interesting statistics about shopping behaviour online. The report also shows that the clear winners of retail this Christmas were the online retailers who embraced usability and made it easy for their customers to place and receive their orders. In the five weeks leading up to Christmas John Lewis' online sales were 22.6% up compared to the previous year, with the website accounting for 31.8% of the total business during this period. Click & Collect orders were up 61.8% up, and on Christmas Day, traffic from mobile phones and tablets made up three quarters of total traffic! Boxing Day 2013 was a big day for online retail in the UK. There were a staggering 129 million visits to retail websites - a 15% year-on-year increase on last year. That amount of traffic equates to 17 million hours browsing and shopping time online, over the whole three days of Christmas the total time spent browsing and shopping was a whopping 44.3 million hours! The majority of traffic to UK retail websites on Boxing Day came from mobile devices - interestingly tablets drove sales but smartphones proved to be the most popular device for browsing. Purchases weren't small ones either - figures show that the average order value on tablets was £83.55 and £78.06 across all types of mobile phone.  

Want A Piece Of The Pie? Here's how

Responsive web design is the trend that is driving the change on mobile usage - helping more businesses connect with more customers on the move than ever before. With this in mind, there are ways that you can use your marketing budget to get ahead in ecommerce and be one of the success stories in online retail this time next year.  


It is shocking how many businesses out there do not use Google Analytics to extract essential information about what is generating sales and enquiries. By investing some time into creating custom reports in GA you can find important data that will drive your online efforts in the right direction.   GA can help you find out:

  • Who your visitors are
  • Where they are
  • Which channel they used to find you (organic search, paid ads, social media, affiliates etc)
  • What words they used to find you
  • What device they used to conduct a search
  • How long they spent looking at your site
  • Whether they converted into a lead or sale

  You can also find out what pages of your site are popular and what pages are under performing. Having this information allows you to do more of what is working and gives you a chance to fix elements of your website that obviously need attention.  

Use This Data to Make Successful Marketing Decisions

Once you have extracted the data you need, you can use it to make smart decisions. If you had a product that sold well, but now does not seem to shift at all check your page and your pricing. You need to make sure that:

  • The page is optimised
  • That it has the right information on it
  • That links work
  • That the price is better or the same as a competing site
  • That you display compelling information to purchase from you
  • That it works on all devices

  If you found that you had a high bounce rate from mobile devices you need to test your website on every type of mobile device, this includes:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Windows phones and tablets

  What you are looking for:

  • Do images load?
  • Can you read the writing?
  • Do links work?
  • Is it easy to navigate?

  A website looks and performs differently depending on the device it is on and what operating system it is using, that is why it is essential to test on every type of device.  

Going Mobile

The custom reports you make will probably reveal that a vast majority of visitors are using mobile devices to search your site. They may not be converting using that device, but you will be able to see that it has been a part of their path to purchase or enquiry. It is likely for instance that they used their mobile phone for social media interaction, which in turn led to the visit - if they liked what they saw they may have returned later on a different device such as a tablet or desktop to make the final purchase or complete an enquiry form. Investigation into how your website works on various mobile devices is also likely to yield some interesting results, and give you an idea of what elements of your site need improving for a mobile audience.   Did you know?

  • 65% of people use their mobile phone to pass time when they are waiting
  • 7% have no other type of internet access
  • Over half of online content is accessed through mobile devices
  • A smartphone screen is the first place 18-34 year olds get their information from - leaving desktops and television behind in the wake

  But if the audience encounter too many obstacles during a visit, they are far less likely to return, even on another device - probably because they assume that whatever problems they encountered will be present on all devices.  

Great Usability = More Revenue

The simple fact of the matter is this: if your mobile website gives the visitor a great experience, that visit is more likely to convert. Usability is everything!

  • The path to purchase needs to be clear - no more than 3 clicks away
  • The content needs to be easy to find - clear navigation,vertical scrolling
  • The interface needs to be intuitive - well-positioned buttons and links

  Usability is important across all industries, but even more so in online retail. As ecommerce starts to takeover from the hassle of high street shopping, making sure your products are easy to purchase online can make the difference between boom and bust.  

For more information about responsive web design, or to book a Mobile Fit Health Check, give us a call.