My top 5 creative app solutions for 2014


With the ever changing world of creative design both online and offline, just keeping up with all the current trends and ensuring you have the tools for the job is a taxing one for most creatives. This year, I made a conscious decision to ride that wave to its full and this is, in my opinion, the Top 5 best creative apps, tools or solutions for 2014: (In no particular order)




Adobe Creative Cloud  @Adobe  @creativecloud
It’s a no brainer. With over 20 years of using Adobe industry standard products, the migration to the complete creative cloud solution was a natural step for me. The synchronicity across all its apps, particularly Adobe’s Typekit @typekit, is a pleasure to behold for any designer passionate about typography.




Invision @InVisionApp
Have to admit here, this is my favourite acquisition of the year, a simply inspiring platform to showcase and prototype online websites, apps and any digital project to be honest. Demonstrating a prototype online to client is simply the best experience you can get… “printed websites”… are we still doing this?


Fontastic @befontastic
I happened across this gem by pure accident and have made this a firm fixture in my creative digital arsenal. My background is a classically trained print designer, you know the score - originally a draughtsman > fine art > graphic design, now a print and digital designer… all of which use iconography and semiotics is where my hat firmly hangs. These guys at Fontastic have firmly resonated with me as a iconographic solution, check them out!


Fontshop @fontshop

As far as type foundries go, these guys are my default store for web and print fonts. With its recent new website make over to a responsive design, they have raised the bar even higher. The Fontshop’s vast collection and pure ease at which you can browse, tryout and buy your font of choice is top notch! My only draw back on this, which I’m sure they’re fixing as I type, is the Fonshop Plugin ( for Adobe Creative Cloud doesn’t work.  I also purchased the FontShop iPad and iPhone app  ( - for anyone serious about typography, get this and absorb.



Codrops or @codrops
The pure digital show ground of inspiring html5 and CSS3 techniques, a must for any fronted developer looking to push that next project further. Why settle for an off the shelf solution when you can inspire and ‘develop’ it into something unique and awe-inspiring.