Navigating the Mobile Landscape


Today's marketing landscape is ever changing, with shifts in social media and Google having the biggest impacts. It's no longer simply enough to be "online", your audience is increasingly sophisticated, savvy and ever changing. You have to keep them interested in your organisation or they will go elsewhere.

Key fact:

According to recent Google research, 83% of British businesses still haven't optimised their websites for mobile usage. Zero Above's Mobile Fit Healthcheck tells you just how ready your business is for the mobile marketplace. With over half of website content now accessed through mobile devices and more online purchases made through smartphones than ever, you need to be ready for business on any device. Zero Above's simple Healthcheck is based on a set of questions that gives you an honest overview of your current status within a couple of minutes, and plenty of free tips and advice on how you can improve your chances of engaging with your audience wherever they are, and on whatever device they are viewing your website on.


Zero Above's five key areas of digital communication sets out the focus points of its Mobile Fit Healthcheck:

* Website * Search Engine Optimisation * Social Media * Analytics * Online marketing


When it comes to being mobile fit, it all starts with your website. Is it a really great experience for your site visitors or are you one of the "screenscrape" organisations with a website which looks the same as your competitors?

Search Engine Optimisation

How good is your website at driving business? Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important marketing tools for any organisation. It's particularly important now, as Google penalises websites that aren't designed to deliver a great mobile experience for its users.

Social Media

Do you have active social media profiles in place for your organisation, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest? Key fact: Did you know 75% of companies now use Twitter as a marketing channel?


Do you know how successful your website is in generating new leads and business for you? Do you constantly strive to improve its performance as a key business tool - as you do with your people, products and services? Key fact: Zero Above use design & development techniques to analyse, change the look, and improve performance of websites swiftly and effectively.

Online Marketing

Do you use any online marketing to connect with your clients or customers or use online activity to engage with a new audience of prospective ones? An integrated online marketing strategy is instrumental in driving traffic to your website from all types of device.   PLEASE SHARE IF YOU THINK OTHERS WOULD BENEFIT For more updates please contact us or follow our team of website design and development experts on twitter @zeroabove and like us on facebook here