Our Hygge top tips for Christmas


Sweeping the design inspiration movement at the moment is Hygge, (pronounced hue-gah) which doesn't have an English translation, but is a simple term used in Denmark to describe a sense of mood, making moments and experiences more meaningful and enjoyable. 

Hygge is fantastic, as it can relate to being by oneself (think a cosy book and hot chocolate), together with a loved one or an evening with friends, enjoying one another's company with food and drinks

Words that evoke the sense include comfort, coziness, kinship, simple pleasures, happiness.

As it's Christmas, we chose to write about Hygge, as an antidote to our busy lives which are often dominated my chores and technology. Let's transform our lives to have more meaning in 2017, make the simplest of tasks or occasions more meaningful and Hygge up your home with some of our top pick cosy gifts for Christmas 2016. Enjoy :)

Vitro Colour Block Blanket

We've chosen this Peruvian wool blanket for its sheer design beauty, simple use of colour can work  with so many house styles and finishes to bring that sense of coziness everyone loves. Direct from our friends at Utility Design. View it here.

District Line Moquette Cushion

Our client Transport for London has a long heritage of unique fabric designs for its different modes of transport. Our favourite is the District Line, with its lovely warm autumnal tones. View it here.

Paddywax Tobacco and Patchouli Candle

This is one of our favourite combinations of scent, which can set the right note for a romantic night at home cuddling on the sofa or for an evening of Christmas entertaining with friends. View it here.

Menu Carrie Lamp

Designed to be carried and used anywhere, this handsome little chap is a great alternative to candles to create that Hygge lifestyle we're all craving at the moment. View it here.

Klein Copper Tealight Candelabra

We have our friend Khali at Drake & Morgan to thank for this one... we discovered it in their recent Scandinavian inspired interior at The Refinery, Edinburgh. We love the copper tones and sense of warmth it brings to any home. View it here.