Social Media Tips for Schools


As part of our Digital Education campaign we thought we’d give you some free social media advice for your education organisation, whether that’s a school, college, university or indeed a training centre.

Here’s a few tips to help you make a headway with Social:-

Don’t just broadcast

Engage with everyone; ask questions, get opinions and stimulate healthy debate.

Provide care

Looking after customers through social is a rapidly emerging trend and is quickly becoming an expectancy for organisations to do so. Answer every customer care issue, regardless of how tricky or complex it is. Don’t be afraid to take conversations offline if you need to discuss individual cases and always tackle negative comments and issues.

Adapt to audiences 

The likelihood is you’ll have different audiences to communicate with so it’s important you adapt your style and tone of voice to each of them. Although you need to retain your organisation’s overall approach, different audiences will react in different ways and you need to cater for this.

Go where your audiences are

Avoid knee-jerking and setting up social accounts on the fly, select those where your audiences are, and if your audience shifts consider a shift with them. Networks only work if the communication is two way.

Don’t overcommit

It’s easy to overstretch yourself and create many social media presences. Remember that each presence takes time and effort to upkeep. Be careful not to underestimate the time you’ll need to invest in getting accounts up and running, along with managing them on a daily basis.

If you’d like to talk about your Social Media strategy, management or training then just drop us a line on the form below and let’s talk about making your activities more effective.