Top Tips for Charity & Non-Profit Digital


Charity and Non-Profit website have a unique position in the digital world; they hold that powerful place where they are led by ethics and belief with the aims to spread their message and gain funding.

What’s great about this position is the ‘easier sell’, on-boarding audiences into a buying process is typically easier due to the emotional investment that plays an early part in the decision making when compared to commercial brands.

Embarking on a new digital project for a charity or non-profit brand, or indeed evolving one already in place, can often feel like a daunting task when dealing with such sensitive, emotionally-provoking issues. That’s why I’ve created some tips for getting charity websites right:-

1. Know your audience

The likelihood is the groundwork for understanding your demographics and your audience is already done, but it’s important to remember how these people carry-over to the digital space. They’ll act differently interacting with you on your  website than they will in the street and it’s important you make allowances for this. Although this sounds like I’m teaching you to suck eggs, the very crucial first stage of understanding users is often overlooked and websites and campaigns become designed for those signing-off the work rather than those seeing it.

2. Shape experiences from the user-up

Knowing your user goes beyond the understanding of demographics and typical buying decisions, it’s about tracking and analysing what users are doing, what they’re journeys are, what they need and what they engage with. From this you can truly understand how to meet users’ needs and introduce features that will inspire and connect with your mission.

3. Be careful with your messaging

It goes without saying that all messaging should be carefully considered, but even more so when dealing with sensitive, often emotional subjects. Be careful to create relevant, positive and concise messaging throughout your digital presence - from your website through to your social media and your digital marketing. Confuse and bombard the user at your peril.

4. Value data

As a Non-Profit or Charity, you’ll know how important it is to build and maintain relationships, that all important-data you capture offline to get the right messages to the right people is incredibly important. When creating a digital presence, remember the capturing and segmenting of this data is just as important - combine it with user journeys and you’ll soon have some highly-targeted data to use for multi-channel marketing.

5. Do exciting, amazing things

You’re in a unique position to create incredible things which drive engagement and pave the way for innovation methods of interaction. Take this opportunity by the horns and try new solutions.

The above only covers a small part of what you’ll need to tackle, but I hope they’ll guide you enough to push things forward. As always, if you need any advice please just drop me a message.