Why full service agencies are best


I have had a couple of meetings lately with some fantastic potential new clients. Like many small and medium sized business that we come across at Zero Above they don’t use a full service agency. They may have an internal creative design person or they have an outsourced freelance solution to tidy up some of their basic internal documentation and ‘pretty up’ their existing marketing material.

During those meetings we talked about how busy they are and as most small and medium sized businesses their time is taken up by the day to day operations of their business, they infrequently think about their business from a strategic or integrated marketing solution.

When we then talked about their competition and they agreed that over the last few years they have found themselves swimming in competitors and even struggling to generate leads to help them to increase their business. Therefore I had a prospect that agreed that they needed to think more strategically, focus on engaging with clients and customers and generate business leads to grow their revenue.

I talked about the benefits of picking Zero Above to help them to deliver these business growth goals and it made me think about the value that is to be had by having a full service agency delivering all the elements to generate these business goals.

Despite a possible previous bad experience of a marketing agency there are so many pluses to having an integrated marketing solution, from strategy and marketing, through design and user experience, to technical development, search, email and social media and all the design and print, from stationary and brochures to signage and exhibition stand.

I think there are 5 core reasons why clients should choose to work with a full service agency.

1. Resources

Small and Medium Business will always have limited resources with certain people trying to complete 2 or more areas of the business operations. Imagine the cost implications of getting a Marketing Director (£60k) a Creative Director (£45k), Technical Director (£55k) Digital Marketing Director (£38k). This is the core of the skilled resources that are always considering the role of Marketing and Communications within your business and can relate the strategy and goals and integrate them to your business goals and they are on tap with a full service agency.

2. Work

A team of skilled resources in their relevant areas of business are crucial in integrating any Marketing campaign, tailoring the messages to the correct media is a key skill, whether that media is websites, emails, posters, press or a PR campaign, the creative deliverables of these elements is a crucial factor in getting the message across.

3. Chemistry

Some of the relationships at Zero Above go back longer than the life of Zero Above itself and those kind of relationships give a chemistry that show of a team that love working together. Football Management is a great example of the chemistry that is built from a long standing relationship and when the manager gets a new job, he takes the team with him… Choosing a full service agency is hiring that ‘relationship’ and then get them working on your wavelength is an awesome mix.

4. Cost

Some clients look for the lowest cost deal they can find and will look at breaking the project into different ‘areas’ to then pitch the individual areas to numerous companies, who then either outsource the elements that they can’t deliver or you have a fragmented delivery of the project. How can this help the integration of the project and the understanding of you and your business goals. However the smart business owner would look at the experience in the agency and then look at the head count as a cost. The cost implications in Point 1 say that an ongoing Marketing Retainer gets you all that experience and chemistry but for a fraction of that head count cost.

5. Challenge

Do you want an agency that will do all they are asked or are you looking for an agency that will challenge those requests or offer opinions about what is needed to meet those business goals. That wealth of experience has to one of the biggest advantages to involving a full service agency, in a variety of business sectors and offer an opinion, in fact an objective opinion and the strategy and tactical delivery to any problems that you may have. These sensible debates can help to clear your thoughts and avoid mistakes being made.
In summary the relationships that are built using the experience and expertise of a full service agency like Zero Above will give you the foundation to develop your business and reach those business goals in the most cost effective, integrated and strategic way.