Why Responsive Web Design is Essential for Success


In the UK, 50% of online content is accessed through mobile devices - a key fact that businesses cannot ignore - and the primary reason a website has to work (and work well) on any sized screen using responsive web design.


What is responsive web design?

Quite simply, responsive web design is a layout that responds and adapts according to the size of the screen that it is being displayed on.  

Typically, websites that are responsive are designed to work on:

Large desktop screens, Smaller desktop screens and laptops · Tablets · Mobile phones The aim is to give users the best online experience possible, without them having to put in any effort. To do this, the layout of the content has to change in the best way possible to fit the size of the screen, and remain functional at the same time. In some cases, the content itself has to change to fit the needs of someone using a specific device.  

An example to consider is an eatery on the High Street.

When viewed on a desktop, it is quite likely that whoever is browsing is not out and about looking for somewhere to eat, they are more likely to be looking for somewhere to book at another time. As such, design can have more flair - scrolling images and banners of the great mouth-watering cuisines will enhance the experience, and reviews are likely to be a big feature of what someone browsing the site might like to see, plus an obvious way to book a table online, or view reservations. On the other hand, someone looking at the site on a mobile phone is more likely to want to know where it is, if it is open, how much it costs and a verbal description of what food there is along with a click to call number. Fancy images and reams of written content would definitely be a barrier to conversion.  

What difference can a responsive website really make?

Ultimately, the amount of money your business makes from online conversions. An easy to use site that gives the right information to the user is more likely to convert into a sale or a new customer than a difficult to navigate site, or a site that does not serve up relevant information to a visitor.  

Show me the money - I want to see an example!

Let's take our very own website. Zero Above, as you may have noticed have just launched an all-new look online paying careful attention to what the viewer will see on a range of devices. The aim is of course to ensure that all information is easily accessible, that the website is easy to navigate and also that the aesthetics of the design is not compromised no matter what size screen someone is using.  

Widescreen desktop


Condensed desktop




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