Why You Should Be Investing in Social


When it comes to Social Media, there’s a ton of information, advice and opinions out there. That’s great for those wishing to delve into what is becoming a sea of information, but with so much out there it can be tricky to know what you should take on-board (yes, sea pun).

It’s this overwhelming amount of information that can hinder business owners and even those in marketing in taking the Social plunge (that’s the last sea pun, promise). So here’s why I think you need to be investing in Social, and not just for the reasons you might think:-

It’s great for building opportunities

Let’s get this obvious one out of the way early; it makes you money. Of course, that’s on the proviso you do it well and deliver all the other elements of Social too. If you’re setting up Social accounts just to do this sole thing, you’re missing the point - and it’ll be very apparent to your audience you are too. Do you buy a hoover from the man shouting in the street about how good his hoovers are, or do you buy from the hoover guy you’ve built a relationship with, see helping others, engaging with his community and looking after his customers?

You get to engage with customers in a whole new way

Providing customer care through Social is a rapidly advancing trend and if you’re not doing it already, you need to be. Big time. Customers expect to be able to engage with brands on Social, and they expect to have customer service queries dealt with on those channels too. Fail to look after them at your peril; bad service will be circulated quicker than it was ever possible before, but what we’re seeing is good service is circulated just as well, and just as quickly. There’s some great examples of this here and more sadly, here.

Build your brand

Do Social right, and you’ll not only increase sales and customer satisfaction, but build your brand too. You’ll further efforts in brand awareness and expose yourself in new ways (don’t look into that too much). There’s opportunities to change your placement too depending on who you’re engaging with and how.

Get those lovely, lovely insights

What’s often underestimated with Social is the sheer amount of capability and opportunity to gather insights. It’s a perfect platform for research and development. Get opinions, test reactions, capture trends and emerging behaviours about your markets, your products, services and most importantly your customers. Engagement is everything in this arena, and people will happily engage with you and give you invaluable insights without even realising it. In the past you’ve had to pay thousands to get this kind of data, now it’s at your fingertips - embrace it and build on it.

You can integrate

Social isn’t a segregated channel - bring it into your overall strategies, and not just the marketing either. Remember it should form part of your customer care and retention, in addition to research and development. If you had an employee with four relevant skills, you wouldn’t get them to use just one would you?

Create ambassadors and champions

Involve your staff with Social, promote a great culture and work ethics and you’ll create staff that will help with all of the above. They’ll get involved and help add to that culture. They’ll share with their networks too, creating more exposure and building your brand along the way.

Most of all...

Don’t baulk at the notion of Social or write it off; Social Media is a true representation of society and its shift into a communicative, openly engaging state. Communication has evolved and people expect to be looked after. People Power truly has taken hold and it’s a huge opportunity for brands to do amazing things with customers and their communities.

Need a hand?

Just drop us a line if you’d like any help with Social, from creating strategies through to training and workshops, and even managing accounts.